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2024 Summer Kids Tennis Camps
Kids Tennis Lessons in Idaho Falls, ID. by IF Tennis Academy Kids Tennis Lessons in Idaho Falls, ID. by IF Tennis Academy

Fun and Engaging Kids Tennis Lessons in Idaho Falls!

Join our premier tennis program designed exclusively for kids. Learn essential skills, improve coordination, and boost confidence through our expert coaching and exciting drills. Discover the joy of tennis in a safe and supportive environment. Enroll today and unleash your child's potential on the court with IF Tennis Academy!

Whether you're a beginner or already have some tennis skills, our tennis lessons are perfect for your child.

Your child will get to hit lots of tennis balls and meet new friends who love playing too. We have a variety of tennis drills that will help your child get even better at the tennis. We'll teach them new strokes and techniques that will make their game more awesome!

We'll start by improving the shots they already know and then we'll introduce them to new ones. We'll show them how to hold the racket, stand in the right position, move their feet on the court, and have a great time.

Kids Tennis Lesson Prices

Private Tennis Lessons - $30.00/hr

Semi private Lessons - $15.00/hr

Tennis Shots Covered

Forehands, Backhands, Volleys, Approach Shots, Overheads, Serves and Return of Serve

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